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LiangDao and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation to provide data analysis for the sma

Date:2022-05-27   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Recently, LiangDao announced that it signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Group Urban Transportation Solutions Department. The two parties will reach a cooperation on the Wuppertal urban smart transportation project. The integrated analysis and evaluation of vehicle data of Mercedes-Benz mass-produced models, based on cloud services, provides city managers with big data smart transportation solutions.


It is understood that the project was initiated by the Wuppertal government department. Liangdao Intelligence, as the project system supplier, uses the roadside perception fusion system deployed on the city's main streets to collect and analyze various types of pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles. Traffic participation user traffic data. Mercedes-Benz Group will provide the desensitized driving behavior and vehicle positioning data of its mass-produced vehicles, and Liangdao will develop the traffic data flow model of the smart city. Based on the traffic flow data model, Liangdao Intelligence will conduct multi-dimensional data fusion analysis, evaluation and cloud tool chain deployment, and then accurately predict the pedestrian and vehicle traffic intentions of major traffic roads in real time, and output traffic flow and traffic prediction data. Through big data analysis, it provides data support for the city's smart transportation upgrade.

Most intersections in the city of Wuppertal still require pedestrians to press a button when crossing the road before they can wait for a traffic light to switch. In the context of the current epidemic, the roadside perception fusion system can also analyze the intention of pedestrians to cross the road, realize automatic traffic light switching, reduce contact in public places, and solve the traffic light management problem of municipal administrators.


The German Federal Government launched the Smart City Demonstration Project in 2021 with the aim of developing and exploring cross-sectoral digital strategies for future urban life. The German federal government has continued to invest 820 million euros in this project, which supports the municipalities of the demonstration cities to strategically shape digitalization in the sense of integrated, sustainable and public-benefit-oriented urban development.

Wuppertal is one of the 28 smart cities announced by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior in July 2021, and has received funding support for the construction of smart cities from the German federal government. The cooperation between Liangdao Intelligence and Mercedes-Benz Group, as the first urban pilot project among 28 smart cities, is expected to be further promoted and implemented in other pilot cities after success.


The founder and CEO of LiangDao Intelligence, Ju Xueming, is a Ph.D. in electronics from the Technical University of Munich. Ju Xueming returned to China in 2015 to start a business, and in 2017, Liangdao Intelligence was officially established. The company focuses on the development of autonomous driving perception functions based on lidar sensors, multi-sensor fusion technology, new autonomous driving test verification, and data product development based on big data in autonomous driving scenarios. Mass production solution provider.