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Modine Introduces New EVantage Thermal Management System for Commercial Electric Vehicles

Date:2022-05-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

According to media reports, Modine Manufacturing Company, one of the world's diversified leaders in thermal management technology and solutions, has launched the EVantage™ thermal management system suite for commercial electric vehicle chassis. The kit helps improve EV performance, range, battery life and safety.

Modine Introduces New EVantage Thermal Management System for Commercial Electric Vehicles

(Image credit: Modine Corporation)

With over 100 years of thermal expertise, the company manufactures complete electric vehicle thermal management systems that regulate battery, motor and power electronics temperature to optimal ranges under all operating conditions and for any size chassis. custom made.

The two EVantage thermal management systems introduced this time include:

With EVantage's Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS), users can fully control the battery temperature in any environment, whether it's a hot summer afternoon or an icy winter morning. Through multi-stage cooling and heating, EVantage BTMS can utilize a single unit to optimize the temperature range of the entire battery pack while substantially reducing power consumption.

The EVantage Electronic Cooling Package (ECP) keeps electric motors and power electronics cool under various loads. This complete solution is designed to utilize multi-zone cooling to maintain optimal fluid temperatures for electric motors and power electronic circuits. EVantage ECPs are designed to specification, with small to large fan arrays that operate only when needed to minimize power consumption.

With the new EVantage BTM and ECP kit, Modine offers its commercial, professional and special purpose electric vehicle users a complete thermal solution, enabling users to focus their engineering resources on other value-added activities.

The EVantage kit combines Modine's proprietary heat exchanger technology with custom smart electronics. The kit has a compact form factor that provides adequate cooling and minimizes power consumption. With this thermal solution, the thermal state of the vehicle can be managed during charging and vehicle operation, thereby improving the performance, longevity and safety of commercial electric vehicles. In addition, the EVantage kit features a proprietary design that substantially reduces power consumption during heating and cooling operations, extending the range of commercial electric vehicles.

The EVantage thermal management system is designed to operate as a complete plug-and-play system, controlled via Controller Area Network (CAN) bus communication, including a pre-programmed master controller suitable for automated operation.

Modine's thermal management products are particularly suitable for zero-emission buses, coaches and school buses, specialty vehicles and trucks, including vans for last-mile delivery. Users can choose from standard systems or custom-designed solutions to meet specific cooling and space requirements. These systems are manufactured, tested and designed to withstand harsh environments and are ruggedized for high vibration applications.