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Date:2024-01-26   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Xinda 220V AC speed regulating motor high speed transmission belt forward and reverse motor 15W micro small motor

Rotating speed :
1400 rpm per minute
2800 rpm per minute

Brand: XD
Model: 3IKR15A-C
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: AC
Voltage: 220VAC
Model:: 3IK15RA-C
Operating speed: speed-adjustable motor
Function type: AC speed regulating motor
Power: 15W

Current: 0.15A

Motor size: 70*90mm

Out shaft size: 8*32mm


Motor Drawing of 3IK15RA-C

Motor performance data sheet of model 3IK15RA-C

Motor picture of 3IK15RA-C

All copper coil
The motor output power is as stable and smooth as running water, with longer durability and more stable performance.

Double ball bearing
Imported ball bearings are selected, which have relatively hard mechanical properties, no slip loss, high efficiency, good stability and easy control.

CW rotation wiring method

CCW rotation wiring method

Widely applicable
The motor model 3IK15RA-C has wide range of uses, from general household tools to production equipment automation, widely used in various fields, such as: electric grinders, lawn mowers, cutting machines, sweeping robots, engraving machines, winding machines, tape cutting machines, centrifugal compressor high-speed grinders, Vacuum pumps, friction welding machines, sewage treatment and other equipment