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The difference between planetary reducer and RV reducer

Date:2023-12-04   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Planetary reducer and RV reducer are common reduction equipment in the reducer series. They have different working principles and different transmission methods, but their purpose is to reduce the rotation number of the motor to the required rotation number and obtain the maximum rotation speed. Momentary mechanisms, and their application industries are alsodifferent.

Today, based on the information from all parties, the editor of World Association will take you to understand the difference between planetary reducer and RV reducer .

The basic transmission structure of the planetary reducer mainly consists of the following components : output shaft, output shaft bearing, internal gear, planet wheel, sun wheel, full needle roller bearing, sun wheel bearing, adapting motor flange, precision clamping system, clamp Tight ring, assembly hole; the driving source starts the sun gear in the form of a straight line or connection, and the sun gear is combined with the planet gear on the planet carrier to drive motion. The entire planetary gear system automatically rotates around the outer ring, and the planetary rack connects the output of the output shaft to reduce speed. Through the multiplication and accumulation of multiple sets of stage gears and planetary gears, a higher reduction ratio can be obtained.

The RV reducer is composed of transmission parts worm gear, shaft, bearing, box and accessories It can be divided into three basic structural parts: worm gear, box, bearing and shaft combination. The worm gear mainly plays the role of transmitting motion and power between two staggered shafts The box is the base for all accessories in the worm gear reducer. It is an important accessory that supports and fixes the shafting components, ensures the correct relative position of the transmission accessories, and supports the load acting on the reducer. The main functions of bearings and shafts are to transmit power, operate and improve efficiency.