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What is the use of micro gear reduction motor?

Date:2023-11-25   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Micro gear reduction motor is a micro motor driven closed transmission reduction device (also called micro gear reduction motor), which is a combination of reducer and motor (or motor). Micro gear reduction motors are used to reduce speed and increase torque to meet the needs of mechanical equipment. This combination can also be called a gear reducer or a gear reduction motor.

The functions of micro gear reduction motor:
1. Reduce the speed: increase the speed of the micro motor through the reducer to the required speed, that is, the output speed;
2. Increase the torque: under the same power condition, the slower the output speed, the greater the torque. On the contrary, the faster the speed, the smaller the torque;
3. Change the transmission direction: such as reverse and vertical transmission.

Application introduction:
High-power micro gear reduction motors are widely used in steel metallurgy, environmental protection water treatment, lifting and transportation, material handling, light industry, medical care, ports, airports, automobile production, electric power and other industries. Low-power micro gear reduction motors are widely used in smart homes, smart cars, communication equipment, 3C electronics, smart robots, linear drives, industrial equipment, medical equipment and other industries; the advantages of use are simplifying design, saving space, extending service life, and reducing energy consumption. Noise, improved torque and load capacity.