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How to correctly use the reduced DC motor in micro motors?

Date:2023-11-20   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Geared motors include DC geared motors and AC geared motors. They have one more reduction structure than ordinary motors, which can reduce the speed to the required speed and increase the torque. Reduced motors have been widely used in automobiles, ships, locomotives, etc. Among them, our skills in using DC motors can help you reduce many problems at work.  


1. When the DC reduction motor is operating, its central axis needs to be closer to the middle, because if it is not in the middle, the error in the central axis of the DC reduction motor will shorten the service life of the DC reduction motor.

2. It must be stable on a horizontal surface to ensure that the base of the DC reduction motor is stable, and the oil in the oil drain tank of the DC reduction motor needs to be drained cleanly. During operation, generally there will not be much vibration or noise. If there is, it means that the gear of the DC reduction motor is damaged. At this time, some lubricant needs to be added to the gear. Then add protective devices.

3. When moving parts on the output shaft of the DC reduction motor, do not use a hammer to strike. Percussion can easily cause the transmission parts of the DC reduction motor to be pressed in, which may cause damage to internal parts. It is necessary to use a rigid fixed coupling so as not to cause the output shaft of the fuselage to break.

4. Carefully check the accuracy of the DC reduction motor before use, such as how the fasteners are and whether the components can rotate flexibly. Ensure that the operation can work in a smooth, impact-free, minimal vibration, and oil leakage-free environment.