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Date:2023-11-18   Author:XINDA MOTOR

24V motor DC reduction motor 60 planetary gear small small motor low speed speed regulation high power high torque

Brand: Xinda
Model: 60XA60SYSY
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: DC
Combination: reduction motor + speed regulator + power supply
Speed: 10 rpm-500 rpm
Power: 36W

Voltage: 24V/12V
Performance: forward and reverse, adjustab
Rotating speed selectable:

10 revolutions per minute
30 revolutions per minute
50 revolutions per minute
100 revolutions per minute
150 revolutions per minute
200 revolutions per minute
300 revolutions per minute
400 revolutions per minute
500 revolutions per minute

Planetary gear: 

-DC planetary gear motor

-4 gear combination runs smoothly

Product parameters

Brand: Xinda
Maximum torque: 229KG.CM
Voltage: DC12/24V
Current: 1.65A/0.95A
Speed: 10-500 rpm
Product name: Planetary DC motor
Product model: 60XA60SYSY
Power: 50W
Output shaft size: 12*28MM
Motor attributes: adjustable speed, forward and reverse rotation

All metal planetary gear
Smooth transmission, wear-resistant, large transmission torque and smaller sound

Widely used in various industries, and many industries have their uses:

-Automated soldering
-Security equipment
-Medical instruments
-Stage lighting
-Various valves

Motor detail

-metal gear: Smooth transmission, wear-resistant, large transmission torque
-Double screw locking: strong locking to effectively prevent motor shaft transmission from slipping
-pure copper coil:pure copper effectively reduces current resistance
-Keyway shaft: easy to install, not easy to slip, saving installation time