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Regarding the magnetic levitation blower, this article explains it clearly

Date:2023-11-13   Author:XINDA MOTOR

As we all know, if the sewage treatment industry wants to save energy and protect the environment, it generally needs to be carried out from two levels. One is the selection of production processes , and the other is the selection of machinery and equipment .


There is nothing to say about the first one. Most of the sewage plants currently in use in our country use the activated sludge aerobic process. Regarding the second point, I want to talk about fans. In the sewage treatment process, the energy consumed by blast aeration accounts for more than half of the energy consumed by the entire system. Therefore, the selection of fans is particularly important in saving operating costs.


Obviously, traditional blowers can no longer meet the needs of the sewage treatment industry for energy conservation and emission reduction. Our country has also strengthened its research on the application of magnetic levitation blowers in sewage treatment. It has now been put into use in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country , which not only meets the requirements of the times for energy conservation and emission reduction, but also brings great economic benefits to the sewage treatment industry. benefit.


Today, the editor will take water friends to learn more about the magnetic levitation blower. The article is divided into five parts and you can read it as needed.




What is a magnetic levitation blower?

The magnetic levitation blower is also called the magnetic levitation single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower. Its main function in sewage treatment is to aerate the water to increase the oxygen content in the water, thereby removing iron and manganese or promoting the degradation of organic matter by aerobic microorganisms to remove oxidizable and precipitated substances. the goal of.


Magnetic levitation blower is a type of turbine equipment using magnetic bearings. Its main structure is that the blower impeller is directly installed on the extended end of the motor shaft, and the rotor is suspended vertically on the active magnetic bearing controller. It does not require a speed increaser and coupling, and is directly driven by a high-speed motor. 


The core of the single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower whose speed is adjusted by a frequency converter is magnetic bearing and permanent magnet motor technology . The structure is as shown in the figure.




Main process features of magnetic levitation blower

1. High-efficiency impeller: The high-efficiency impeller is designed with three-dimensional flow, and five-axis machining technology ensures the manufacturing accuracy of the impeller.

2. Magnetic bearings: no mechanical wear, low energy, semi-permanent life.

3. Integrated structural design: The fan's imported filter, cooling system, fully automatic anti-surge system, power outage and fault protection system have all achieved unified integrated design, and users do not need to purchase other components separately. The fan impeller is directly installed on the shaft end of the motor, designed to be integrated with the control system, and integrated into the box, with a simple and concise structure.

4. Easy installation and maintenance: The overall structure of the magnetic levitation blower is a box structure. It adopts self-balancing technology and active vibration reduction design, which makes the vibration of the body very small. Therefore, the installation of the equipment does not require an installation foundation, and it can be installed on a general level ground. . After the device is on the ground, the connection management can be turned on and used, which is very convenient.

5. System modular design: According to different user flow rates, multiple blowers are allowed to work in parallel, with a wide adjustment range and strong flexibility.




Technical parameters of magnetic levitation blower

At present, my country's magnetic levitation blower series models with independent intellectual property rights have gradually become complete, and the maximum single-machine power has reached 1MW, which fully meets the needs of various large, medium and small sewage treatment plants in my country. The parameters are as follows:


  • Covering 50kW to 1WM, the series models are diverse and can meet the needs of different users. It can also realize multi-machine linkage control and multiple devices work together to further improve efficiency.


Air volume

  • Covering 30m3/min to 660m3/min, the air volume is adjustable with variable frequency. The air volume adjustment range of a single device is as high as 50%. The air volume can be adjusted according to water quality, matching and adapting to the precision aeration system that is now respected.



  • Covering 40kPa to 150kPa, the pressure is adjustable with variable frequency, which can effectively respond to pressure changes caused by changes in water level, achieve rapid response to changes, and meet the needs of process conditions with pressure changes.


high speed motor

  • The high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor is directly coupled to the impeller to completely eliminate mechanical transmission losses. The speed is as high as 50,000RPM and the efficiency is over 97%.

position sensor

  • The inductive sensor can monitor the X, Y, and Z directions at the same time. The inductive sensor sends an AC signal of 5~100KHz to the sensor probe, monitors the inductance value at different positions, and obtains the position offset.


  • Not higher than 85 decibels, which is within the safe noise range that humans can bear. Since there is no mechanical friction, the noise comes from the high-speed flow of air. It is a high-frequency noise with short propagation distance and is easy to eliminate. It can be effectively reduced by pipe coating. noise.

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Technical advantages of magnetic levitation blower

Energy saving and efficient


High cooling efficiency


remote control




Performance comparison with other blowers

In order to facilitate everyone's comparison, it is specially displayed in table form:


Magnetic levitation blower Roos
Single stage centrifugal blower
air suspension blower
Vibration comparison
very small
Very big
Small and medium very small
Noise comparison 75-85 decibels, no sound isolation cover required
Above 100 decibels, a sound isolation cover is required 90-100 decibels, sound isolation cover required 75-85 decibels, no sound isolation cover required
Air volume adjustment
Adjustable, need to install frequency converter
device installation
Low weight and easy to install
Heavy weight, need to be hoisted
Heavy weight, need to be hoisted Low weight and easy to install
Service life More than 20 years
5-8 years
about 10 years
about 10 years
Lubrication system
No lubrication required
Need lubrication
Lubrication is complex
No lubrication required
size small volume
Larger in size
Larger in size
small volume
Maintenance method
Regular filter replacement reduces maintenance and costs Regular maintenance, many wearing parts
Regular maintenance by dedicated personnel requires many wearing parts, heavy workload, and high cost.
Regular filter replacement, low maintenance
Can it be started frequently?

In general, Roots blowers are suitable for treatment equipment with smaller flow rates within 100m3/min . Their energy consumption is not much different from that of centrifugal blowers. They have good flow control, high efficiency in changing water levels, and low prices. They are mainly used for small municipal sewage and Factory sewage treatment, especially sewage treatment plants suitable for CAST process .

Single-stage high-speed centrifugal blowers cannot adopt variable frequency speed regulation. They are highly efficient at full load . However, when the flow rate decreases, the power consumption does not decrease year-on-year. Therefore, the efficiency at part load is low and the energy consumption is large. It is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized sewage plants. .

Magnetic levitation centrifugal blowers and air levitation centrifugal blowers have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, and no vibration. However, the one-time investment cost is high , but in the long-term operation process, it can save power consumption and maintenance costs , and can be used as the future sewage treatment industry. the main development direction.





At present, most of the secondary biological treatment stages of sewage treatment use a blower bottom aeration process, so the choice of blower will directly affect investment and long-term benefits. As one of the commonly used equipment for sewage treatment in the future, the magnetic levitation blower can meet the needs of modern society for sewage treatment in terms of equipment operation and energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on magnetic levitation blowers in sewage treatment to further improve stability and reduce costs, so that their applications will be more extensive in the future!