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What is a servo motor?

Date:2023-11-08   Author:XINDA MOTOR

A servo motor is a special type of motor that offers high precision, performance, and stability and is typically used in applications that require precise position control. Unlike traditional DC or AC motors, servo motors can precisely control the motor's position, speed and torque based on input signals from the control system.

Servo motors usually consist of two main components:

  1. Motor: Typically an AC or DC motor, specially designed to provide high precision and performance.

  2. Servo control system: This is a system that includes sensors, controllers, and feedback loops that monitor the actual position and speed of the motor and adjust the control signal to the motor based on the desired position. Servo control systems can use different control algorithms to achieve precise position and speed control.

Servo motors are widely used in fields that require highly precise position control, such as robotics, CNC machine tools, automation systems, printing machines, textile machinery, medical equipment, etc. The application of these motors helps improve production efficiency, reduce manual operations, and ensure consistent product quality.