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Application of automotive micro motors in automobiles

Date:2023-11-04   Author:XINDA MOTOR

Automotive micromotors are widely used in automobiles. In automobiles, except for the starter that starts the engine, the other motors distributed in various places on the car are micromotors. In the past, automobile micromotors were only used as the power source for wipers, windshield washers, electric oil pumps, automatic antennas and other component assemblies, and the number was relatively small. Nowadays, cars focus on the pursuit of ride comfort and automatic maneuverability, and micro motors have become an indispensable component of modern cars.

Some cars are equipped with more than 20 micro motors. Whether the movable equipment performs circular motion, lateral swing, or linear movement, micro motors are generally used as power sources. For example, the position of the electric seat cushion changes, the angle of the backrest and headrest changes, the swing of the rearview mirror, the washing of the headlights, the opening and closing of the glass window, the operation of the electric door lock, the rotation of the water tank cooling fan, etc.

Due to the special requirements of automobile operation and the harsh environment, users have strict requirements for automobile micro motors. For electric motors, in addition to the design structure and processing technology, the key to the quality of the motor lies in the magnetic material of the movement. The new electric motor currently used in cars uses a permanent magnet material containing rare elements. Its main ingredients are iron, boron, neodymium, etc. Its magic lies in its strong magnetism. No matter what shape it is processed into, the magnetism is stronger than ordinary magnets. Ferromagnetic materials are 2 to 10 times stronger, which means that motors made of this permanent magnet material have high power, small size, light weight, and high efficiency. If such micro motors are used extensively in vehicles, the weight of the entire vehicle will be relatively reduced. , which is equivalent to improving the carrying capacity.

The scope of use of micro motors in modern cars is increasing. Micro motors are used in some car ABS systems, electronically controlled power steering machines and electronic throttles. With the development of automobile electronics, micro motors are becoming more and more important.