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Date:2023-10-23   Author:XINDA MOTOR

12V DC high-speed motor, 24V fast motor, 50W speed-adjustable forward and reverse micro small cooling clothes hanger special motor

PMDC 50W 12/24V motor XD3440

Voltage/rpm selectable:12V3500 rpm/24V7000 rpm
Brand: XD
Model: XD-3440
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: DC
Voltage: 24V
Voltage: 12V/24V
Power: 50W
Output speed: 3500/7000
Attributes: Adjustable speed forward and reverse
Torque: 4KG.CM

PMDC 50W 12/24V motor XD3440-7000rpm can drive 4kgs

Stable and Reliable Power Enhancement

All-copper motor Strong power powerful movement, stable and reliable, long service life

2200GS (magnetic high-strength magnetic tile magnetic stability, high magnetic energy, high performance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics)

Maximum speed up to 7000 rpm Adjustable speed, forward and reverse, high efficiency, small size.

Motors can be combined

Motor Dimension

Motor Parameters
Brand name: XD
Name:Micro DC motor
Rated power:50W
Motor size:130*50MM
Shaft size:26*8mm
Output shaft milling edge: no
Output speed:3500/7000
Motor properties: adjustable speed forward and reverse rotation

High-quality materials for motors
Visible material, visible quality

Assembly Boom Diagram

Quality is guaranteed by 3C certification

Wide range of applications
The motor can be assembled with a connecting rod chuck and used in combination with sanding wheels, drilling equipment, cutting equipment, polishing equipment and so on.